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ToolbuckX Product List

Numb Game

Numb Game

Numb Game requires good finger skills. The only way to destroy all Monster Eyes is to poke all of them within the time constraint. It is addictive and not suitable for people with weak fingers or have a weak heart.


Puzzle Puzzle is an IPhone game containing 40 unique puzzles. Each puzzle is designed to be pleasing to both adults and kids' eyes.You can also create new puzzles by simply taking photos

Young kids can use this game to practise their problem solving skills



Painting is a fun painting, drawing, and colouring game for kids and adults.

Bird Game

Bird Game is a simple and fun arcade game about an old granny, who is allergic to birds, trying to stay away from the birds. The playfull birds wont leave old granny alone and it is up to you to rescue her.

bird game
kids zoo

Kids Zoo

Kids Zoo is a fun and educational game that teach young players the different animals in the zoo. Players can drag the different animals to the right destination based on hints given to them.

Sticker Book

A cute sticker book game for kids and adults with creative minds. Kids can chooses from a variety of backgrounds and stickers to make nice looking pictures.

  • Sicker books can be saved as photos for sharing
  • Real photos can be loaded into the sticker book
  • Normal pictures saved on the IPhone or IPad can be loaded into the sticker book
  • All images in the game are guaranteed to be pleasing to both kids and adults.
sticker book
desktop notes features Notes Agent Desktop Notes

Notes Agent is a desktop notes built-in with a wide variety of features:
  • Standard desktop notes
  • Desktop Reminder notes
  • Photocopy notes
  • News notes
  • ASX notes

Mobile Annotate (M-Notate)

Mobile Annotate (M-Notate) is an Iphone app that allows users to annotate realworld objects and landmarks with textual and graphical information.

text-based desktop notes
photocopy desktop notes

Oracle Octopus

The Oracle Octopus is an IPhone game that simulates Paul, the Oracle Octopus that correctly predicts the world cup results in 2010.

Track Me If You Can

Track Me If You Can is an IPhone application that allows loved ones to track where the user is.
It's security design ensures that only trusted ones can track the users' location.

news desktop notes