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The Best IPad Games

At the time of writing, there is more than 250,000 IPad applications on the Apple's AppStore. Searching for the best IPad games require a bit of skills. This article intends to share some of the tips and tricks for IPad games hunting.

WWhere can you find the Best IPad Games?

The best IPad games are usually the most talked about and well known.  You can find them through:
  • Review websites for the best IPad games.
  • Quality IPad Games Searching Apps downloadable from the AppStore.
  • Search the App Store

Websites that review the best IPad Games

148 Apps

Ranks the top 148 best IPad games based on downloads over the past 24 hours.

PC Mag

PC Magazine recommends the best IPad game.

Tech Radar

Tech Radar with reviews and screenshots of the best IPad games.

CNet Review

Reputable website review of 15 best IPad games.

OS Net Review

Review of the top 100 best IPad games.

Expert Reviews

Top 10 best IPad games reviewed.

Pocket Gamer

Pocket Gamer review consolidates ratings from different websites on the best IPad games.

Consolidated Review

Consolidated review of the best IPad games from numerous websites.

App that searches for the best IPad Games


ThThis app lists all the free IPad games from the App Store and helps you find the right one for you. It also notifies users of any price drop.

Appsfire Deals

This application lets users browse or search for the best IPad games based on a set of pre-specified categories.


This app is designed to help users find the best IPad games as well as paid games that have turned free.

Free App Finder - save $$

Designed to help user find the best IPad games and is built in with push notifications to alert users of new IPad games.

Search the App Store

This article describes the simple steps to search for quality IPad games in the App Store.