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About Post-It Note

The world first Post-it note is invented by 3M's Art Fry using a sticky element developed by a colleague, Dr Spencer Silver. The pressure sensitive sticky element was actually invented by accident! Art Fry successfully promoted the product to his company (3M) and the first post-It note was sold in 1977. The product did not take off until the company starts giving out free samples to consumers. By 1980, the product was being sold nationwide in the United States. Today, the product is sold internationally.

Until the 1990s, when the patent expired, Post-it notes were only produced in the 3M plant in Cynthiana, Kentucky. Although other companies now produce similar products, most of the world's Post-it notes are still made in Cynthiana.

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About Computer Desktop Post-It Note

Following the success of the paper-based Post-It notes, Computer Desktop Notes were invented.  They are computer applications that allow putting Post-it note-like windows on the computer screen (i.e. the computer desktop).  There are a variety of such computer applications developed for the different platforms and are known as different names, such as:

  • Computer Notes
  • Computer Post-It
  • Desktop Notes
  • Desktop Post-It
  • Desktop Sticky Notes

The first Computer Desktop Notes was developed for the Macintosh by Jens Alfke. The application was included by Apple in the default Macintosh computer's operating system (System 7).  Subsequently, similar products were developed for PCs on the various Microsoft operating systems.

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The Next Generation of Computer Desktop Note

The Intelligent Desktop Note project aims to build the next generation of Computer Sticky Notes - One that has a brain! The application, Desktop Notes Agent, combines the user friendliness of a Computer Dekstop Notes with Artificial Intelligence. Using the world wide web as an infinite source of information, Notes Agent is able to assist user in managing every aspects of their life on the computer desktop. For example, users can get daily news update, track certain types of online news, webpage content, or even share market prices.