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What are Desktop Notes?


Following the success of Post It Notes invented by 3M corporation, a new breed of software, Desktop Notes, was created to allow putting Post It Notes like windows on computer screens.


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What is the Intelligent Desktop Note Post Project?


We aim to create the world first extensible desktop note with a brain.


Built-in with Artificial Intelligence, Desktop Notes Agent, helps users manage every aspects of their life on the computer desktop

Intelligent Desktop Notes using the world wide web as an infinite source of information

Latest Desktop Notes Agent Release:  [08 Jan 2012] - Download Final BETA (version

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Compare Desktop Notes Agent features to traditional desktop notes.

The Note Post Architecture - From paper Post-It Notes to Intelligent Desktop Notes

"Gather information once, post them everywhere as notes"

The Desktop Notes architecture

Notes Agent

The Notes Agent Module finds useful information from the Internet and posts the information to the various devices (e.g. printers) or Note Post Module (e.g. Desktop Note Post Module).

Desktop Note Post Module

The Desktop Note Post Module receives the information from Notes Agent. The information is posted (displayed) in an intuitive way as notes on the computer screen.

Mobile Note Post Module

The Mobile Note Post Module works similarly to Desktop Note Post Module except that the notes are posted on hand held devices (e.g. mobile phones and pocket PC).

Extensible Framework

The programming framework allow developers to easily expand the application. If you are a developer interested in extending Desktop Notes Agent, Please email us to find out more.